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Value Investing

We hold the time-old belief that markets are inefficient and that there are always mispriced assets classes within each sub-groups. Our work is to leverage on our knowledge to the benefit of our client. We believe in seeking relatively undervalued investments options and believing they will eventually produce strong returns.

Fundamentals Investing

We believe in identifying companies with strong earnings prospects  and recommend same to our clients at bargain prices.

We believe that while passive wealth management may have its good side, we utilise active management  of investments in at all levels of the investment process ranging from asset allocation through to fund and stock selection in order to add value for your clients.

We have a rich history of successfully managing multi-asset wealths for clients to deliver the investment objectives within appropriate levels of risk.

At Bulls Capital, we believe that well managed multi-asset wealths deliver superior returns for a given level of risk over the medium term.