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Strategy and Goals

Our business strategy is to provide world-class asset management services on a global basis, focused on real assets such as property, renewable power and infrastructure. Our business model is to utilize our global reach to identify and acquire high quality assets at favourable valuations, finance them prudently, and then enhance the cash flows and values of these assets through our leading operating platforms to achieve reliable attractive long-term total returns for the benefit of our clients and the company.

Our primary long-term goal remains achieving 12% to 15% compound annual growth in the underlying value of our business measured on a per share basis. This increase will not occur consistently each year, but we believe we can achieve this objective over the longer term by: Operating a world-class asset management firm by offering a focused group of products on a global basis to our investment partners.

Focusing our investments on high quality, long-life, cash-generating real assets that require minimal sustaining capital expenditures and have some form of barrier to entry, and characteristics that lead to appreciation in the value of these assets over time.

Differentiating our investing by utilizing our operating experience, our global platform, our scale and our extended investment horizons to generate greater returns over the long term for our shareholders and partners.

Maximizing the value of our operations by actively managing our assets to create operating efficiencies, lower our cost of capital and enhance cash flows. Given that our assets generally require a large initial capital investment, have relatively low variable operating costs, and can be

financed on a long-term, low-risk basis, even a small increase in the top-line performance typically results in a much more meaningful contribution to the bottom line.

Actively managing our capital. Our strategy of operating our businesses as discrete business units provides us with opportunities from time to time to enhance value by buying or selling parts of a business. In addition to the underlying value being created in the business, this strategy.