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Why Bulls Capital Limited?

Our People: Our  professionals that make up our team have a combined work experience of 60 + years, in the capital market. Amongst us, we boast a combination of local and international qualifications. We have 1 CFA charter-holder with one team member awaiting award of charter, having cleared all three levels of the internationally recognised qualification. All 2 members of the Business Development team are Experienced Wealth Managers.  Our team have experience that cuts across wealth management, treasury, banking, investment banking, transaction advisory, investment advisory and securities trading.

Differentiated Performance: Superior performance and peer ranking of our products, over an extended period, is a testament to the uniqueness and sustainability of our intrinsic value/price philosophy, rational investment process, and our fundamental research advantage.

Customized Solutions: We offer bespoke and well-researched solutions that matches your risk appetite and or situations requiring clear-headed thinking.

High Net worth Customers: Our clients enjoy preservation of their wealth while also reaping from the upside on growth of their wealth through our astute wealth management, investment and financial

advisory offerings. We offer customized advice to our client to meet their risk-to rewards objectives.

Seamless Mandate Execution: Our clients enjoy detailed trade execution, comprehensive reporting of their wealth’s portfolio and transactions delivery.

Deep Insight: We have deep insight in transactions in the capital markets in Nigeria. Our team understand the business environment, the companies, their histories, their management and what sustains their performance over time.

Customer Service: We maintains the highest standards of customer service. Valuable additions in this area include regular wealth reviews and strategy updates and quick response to client’s queries and complaints. Our clients enjoy highly personalized service. Each client is given an assigned wealth manager who takes full responsibility for management of the clients assets in line with stated objectives.

Flexibility: Our small size makes decision-making faster in a volatile market situation. Our investment strategies therefore enjoy faster responses to changing market situation which efficiency are passed on to our client in terms of better performance on their wealth portfolios.

Strong Operational Controls: Independent back office operations ensure strong controls on our operations. Clear segregation of client wealth’s portfolio, dedication, best in class IT systems, and strict compliance to regulatory and accounting guidelines are key features of our operations.

Experienced Team

Our management team is one of the most experienced teams in Nigeria. Our team members are seasoned investment professionals with exceptional quality experience.

Disciplined and rigorous investment processes

Our investment decisions are driven by a combination of thorough fundamental research and technical analysis. Every product is tailored to fit our individual client needs. Our strong brand name yields easier access to local and regional market intermediaries for specific market information.

Proven track record: We have beengiving investment advice and handling non-discretionary wealth management since 2008. Our clients wealth  portfolio and funds have consistently delivered outstanding returns with significantly less volatility than the market.