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Accounting Services in Nigeria

At Bulls Capital Limited we help you with accounting services and support in order to assist you in optimizing your performance. Our team will draw up your annual accounts as well as looking at your overall financial administration.

We will make recommendations to assist you in improving your accounting processes and the way you do business. However, you can also outsource some of your day-to-day duties or more difficult accounting tasks to us. Furthermore, you may also want us to assist you in preparing your annual statutory accounts or provide a full modified payroll or accounting solutions.

In Bulls Capital Limited, our outsourcing professionals come from a wide range of disciplines and we will ensure that we build a modified team to suit your needs, no matter how big your company size is.

Our services in relation to accounting services include:-

 Accounting and Financial support
 Reporting and Consolidation
 Financial Statement Preparation
 Conversion from Local GAAP to IFRS
 Book keeping and accounting services
 Fixed Asset Management Service
 Account System set-up
 Assistance in preparing and maintaining books of accounts
 Tax planning and Preparation
 Performing internal and external auditing
 Business Controlling
 Budgeting
 Account Reconciliation and Reconstruction
 Business Intelligence and so on.

Benefits of Outsourcing your Accounting services to Experts

Basically, so many business owners in Nigeria don’t really know much about accounting. They lack the knowledge of accounting in business. Whereas, bookkeeping tends to be one of the major function which serve both the owners and the stakeholders of a business. Therefore, the main benefits of outsourcing your business accounting services are:-
 It will help in minimizing your cost and saving you time
 Financial Analysis will assist your business in making good decisions
 It will assists you in building goodwill for your business
 It will make your financial forecast and budgeting easier

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In Bulls Capital Limited , We partner with businesses to provide accessible accounting solutions to meet the needs of our clients whether it is acting as accountants, book keeper, treasurer or business advisors, our solutions are tailor made and delivered through a team of experienced and solution orientated resources.

In Bulls Capital Limited, our goal is to make sure that your business always have reliable financial information to the highest standard that is widely accepted

Nevertheless, in ensuring that we render proper accounting services to our clients, we tends to ensure that the following factors are put into consideration:-

  •  Focusing on Core Business:– We will ensure that you staff focused on the activities that will bring about greatest different to your business.
  •  Service Quality & Control of Capital Costs:– In Bulls Capital Limited , we have created processes and procedures which will ensure consistent levels of services quality and delivery in both local and overseas. Our teams work together flawlessly as a single, global fir to ensure effective communication and a joined-up approach. Outsourcing your accounting services to us will surely help us in converting your business fixed costs into variable costs.
  •  Access to Expert Advice:- In your bid to have the opportunity to be able to call upon advisers that have a sound knowledge about your business for ad-hoc business and tax advice. Bulls Capital Limited has specialists in a wide range of disciplines who will provide practical advice and insights for you.
  •  Risk Reduction:- Our understanding in the area of local markets and tracking of records which helps organizations in setting up operations will give you the assurance that penalties will not be incurred for non-compliance with filing deadlines or regulations changes.
  • Professionalism Delivery:- When it comes to professionalism, you can definitely rely on Bulls Capital Limited to provide specialist knowledge, which will be tailored to your individual situation and delivered with standard levels of accountability and professionalism. We render our services in such a way that, we don’t only report your current figures, we as well give comprehensive view of your business dealings.
  • Best Practice in Operation:- Our various experience and knowledge of business gives the assurance that we can offer access to operational best practice which would appear difficult or consume your time, if you try to develop it in house.\
  •  Service Continuity:– If you outsource your accounting services, the absence or departure of any member of your team cannot be an issue because you have outsource your accounting services to Matthew Ogagavowria & Co and gives your entity the guarantee of service continuity. This implies our knowledgeable professional stands as an extension of your own team.

In Bulls Capital Limited , we have the knowledge that book keeping can be quite tasking and you would rather want to spend your time working on something that interest you than stressing yourself over receipts and invoices or let’s say, calculating depreciation or working out your cost of sales and so on. Though, this should not be your problem but because you have might have so many other very important activities to engage yourself in; then, you need the service of professional accounting firm to help in the areas of Accounting in your business. That is why, in Bulls Capital Limited , we offer various in-house accounting services so that you can focus on what you should focus on in order to manage and build your business properly.
We as well handle your primary books of account, payrolls, VAT returns, levies and every other areas of accounting function. Also, we ensure the delivery of your business monthly reports, annual financial statements and taxation reports.

In Bulls Capital Limited, we apprehends your financial transactions and produce financial reports with all the information your provided

In Bulls Capital Limited, we also provides professional book-keeping services for small businesses and large corporations. You must not miss another invoicing or two with our automated virtual book keeping services. Our team of professional accountants will ensure that all your transactions are capture accurately by carrying out regular reconciliation of accounts.

Our accounting services in Nigeria will be carry out in such a way that, it will improve your current accounting system, or setting up tailored and personalized system which includes developing structures, creating manuals and account coding which will result in producing reports for every part of your business.

Accounting services speak for a company. Every transaction of business has its own significance in its books of accounts. Stakeholders and shareholders look at the accounting and bookkeeping records to know the real picture of a business. Organized and well-structured accounting services enhance the financial performance of your company.

Nevertheless, in a situation whereby our clients cannot afford to employ the services of suitable accounts staff to accurately record their monetary transactions, our firm will assists them in keeping and maintaining records until such a time that they are financially capable of recruiting their own staff.

Why Bulls Capital Limited?

Our firm has help so many business in Nigeria and abroad to set up their business by applying various accounting standards; and our team of experts has also help so many companies in finance, taxation as well as legal procedures in Nigeria and abroad.

We ensure that we support your business functions while making you to focus on your business objectives. Our team of experts will help you in handling your financial norms in relation to other countries. Bulls Capital Limited also renders various financial, accounting and bookkeeping services in Nigeria, which includes accounts payable and receivable, planning and forecast and financial forecasts.