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Auditors in Nigeria

Before you can be referred to as an auditor in Nigeria, you must have acquired all the necessary qualifications that will give you such accolades. For instance, you must be chartered, you must be practicing as a chartered accountants and so on. However, you can be an internal auditor or external auditor.

In Nigeria, all companies must comply with the provision of Sec. 357 of Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) of Nigeria, which required that at each general meeting, companies should appoint an auditor or auditors to audit their financial statements.

As an auditor, you need to apply common sense and technical expertise in rendering your services. In Bulls Capital Limited, our teams will offer your business innovative assurance services in relation to the following:-

  • Financial Statement audits
  • Financial Statement reviews

Financial Statement Audits

This gives our client assurance over information used by investors and the capital markets. In carrying out financial audit, Bulls Capital Limited apply powerful D & A routines, so as to create a better audit evidence and gain deeper insights, and exploring the role auditors can and should play by engaging stakeholders to have a good knowledge through our Value of audit.

Bulls Capital Limited is an indigenous firm of Chartered Accountants, with partners and consultants that are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Our firm also specialized in providing specialist and independent support in Statutory Audit and Financial Advisory services to both public and private entities.

In Bulls Capital Limited, we have the required size, depth, breadth and global stance which will serve as dynamic organizations around the world. Our team of professional auditors will provide your business with audit and assurance services which will deliver real value and support your business investor confidence.

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We tends to apply greater consistency and quality which will helps in ensuring that our clients enjoy the following:-

  • Audit quality Monitoring
  • Global audit technology

Our audit services satisfy the main objective of expressing opinions on fair presentation of the annual financial statements of Companies and ensuring compliance with relevant regulatory provisions as well as providing ease to investors and directors on specific projects.

In Bulls Capital Limited , we offers additional value creation services which was borne from the combination of strong financial accounting skills and experience over years in the provision of statutory audit, evaluation and development of accounting system, system audits and critical assessment of systems and processes. Our firm provide  all-inclusive service to all our audit clients by laying emphasis on financial management and organizational performance improvement and thereby adding value to the systems of our clients.

However, our firm extensive experience in the areas of current and emerging financial reporting standards, analysis of risk, product profitability, management, modelling, enterprise risk management, capital measurement, actuarial department strategies and change management, financial due diligence and valuation, re-insurable strategies and other insurance-related issues for all lines of business.

In Bulls Capital Limited, we have developed our own in-house methodology in combination with an automated system with which we handle our assignments, the outcome of which makes our report more acceptable to international best practices.

Furthermore, in Bulls Capital Limited, we handle internal audit by making use of risk-based approach, which is designed to review what your company is doing, as well as identifying potential threats to your organization’s health and profitability and we will also make suggestions for moderating the risk associated with those threats in order to reduce your costs in the long run.

In Bulls Capital Limited, we apply model audit when carrying out due diligence on a financial model. Model audit is the tasks performed during the conduct of due diligence on a financial model. However, financial modelling is the task of erecting an abstract representation of a financial decision making situation. Therefore, our responsibility here is to provide a model Audit report which will facilitates your ability (as our client) to make a sound financial decision.

Auditors helps companies in improving their corporate reporting and providing assurance that their systems are operating effectively within a well-controlled environment.

In Bulls Capital Limited, we assists companies in improving their corporate reporting and offer assurance that their systems are effectively operating within a well-monitored environment. We audit many of the world’s popularly known companies and many other organization, large and small. Our audit approach tends to suit the size and nature of your organization and draws upon our deep industry know-how. Our deep understanding of regulation and legislation implies that we can also help with difficult reporting issues involving Sarbanes-Oxley and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

In Bulls Capital Limited, our Audit services include:-

  • Regulatory Compliance and Reporting
  • Financial Statement Audits
  • IFRS Reporting
  • Risk Assurance
  • Actuarial and Insurance Management
  • Capital Markets and Accounting Advisory

Basically, in a fast changing and technology driven world, trust must be maintained and build because it’s very important in financial reporting and this is a huge responsibility we cared so much about in Bulls Capital Limited . Also, in relation to regulatory compliance and reporting, Bulls Capital Limited offers an opportunity to consistently strengthen your entity through strategic, proactive measures which can uncover value even as it will assist in assuring compliance

Furthermore, business environment is prevalent with risk. That’s why our firm ensures that our client stay ahead of those risk and they are well prepared accordingly. Our insight and independence assurance offers an invaluable safeguard in today’s complex operating environment. Our firm can assist in protecting and strengthening every aspect of your business, in relation to people and performance, systems and strategy, as well as business planning and business resilience.

We also carried out special audit assignments on behalf of our various clients. And special audit covers audits of the accounts of our client organization and its subsidiaries. Also, we carry out pension audit; specialized audit of the corporate pension fund scheme and the assessment of the fund to determine the adequacy of the fund to meet its liabilities under the scheme. However, the scope of operations in relation to this is to review the factors used in the computation of assigned company’s staff’s end of service benefits and those currently enjoying pensions.

Furthermore, as an auditor in Nigeria, our firm carry out continuous audit assignments for specialized projects and other specialized processes in divisions within various organizations. Meanwhile, continuous audit assignments is designed to empower management with necessary information at all times so that essential interventions will be made in your organizational plans and processes before severe harm is done.

Finally, as an auditor in Nigeria, we also carry out Government Audit-Statutory audits, and will undertake this for our various clients and government parastatals in compliance with government regulations In Bulls Capital Limited , we help our clients react to their need for better transparency, upgraded corporate governance and business models which is based on the principles of sustainability. We also help our clients in planning and executing their capital market transactions in order to navigate regulatory change and difficult accounting, which we will be there to support them in every step they want to take.