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Company Secretarial Services in Nigeria

Our Company secretarial services in Nigeria relates to administration of a company, predominantly with regard to ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements. While engaging in any kind of business, there are many forms of compliances that the company and its employees are expected to abide by. That is, one needs to be complying with relevant legislation as well as internal and external standards, this is now referred to as Compliance Services.

Organizations and organization’s directors have the time-consuming responsibility of ensuring that their organization are completely amenable with their corporate regulatory obligations at all times. Therefore, ensuring prompt compliance is an important encounter, especially in the premise of a global environment where regulatory change is common and sanctions for non-compliance can be severe.  Warranting corporate compliance creates administrative burdens and can be time consuming and a significant distraction for the management.


Who Are We?


Bulls Capital Limited undertakes Company secretarial services and compliances services in Nigeria for its clients. The firm was registered as a limited liability company at the Corporate Affairs Commission in the year 2012. Our company advises clients on matters involving business establishment in Nigeria and commences the incorporation of companies at the Corporate Affairs Commission.


We support your company with your business objective at the epicenter of our operations. Bulls Capital Limited specialize in business-oriented support activities, in the face of ever-transforming global executive environment, our company take pride in our ability to familiarize to the market and devise innovative strategies to help firms with their vision. We help and advice organizations in complying to government regulation, for instance, Pencom Compliance, ITF compliance, NSITF Compliance, Insurance Compliance and so on


Bulls Capital Limited also assist New and old companies with foreign equity participation in their capital structure and attaining foreign investment approvals, which such companies are statutorily required to obtain. We currently provides a complete package of company secretarial services to more than 50 private and public companies functioning within crucial sectors of the Nigeria economy such as Manufacturing company, financial services, real estate  and property development services, capital markets, information technology and logistics, oil and gas, telecommunication, hospitality services, power and energy, engineering,  media and entertainment companies.


Bulls Capital Limited provides technical and practical support to company secretaries and directors on all aspects of corporate compliance, corporate governance, administration and general corporate matters. Our firm ensure compliance with the law, regulations and best practices through our pre-emptive and periodical secretarial/legal audit of our corporate clients. Our firm also renders legal advisory services in the establishment, registration, management and winding-up of companies and other business entities in Nigeria.


Meanwhile, while engaging in any kind of business, there are many forms of compliances that the company and its employees are supposed to abide with. Meaning, one needs to be conforming to relevant legislation as well as internal and external standards.


Once a company is formed and there is need for professional hands to help in secretarial services; Bulls Capital Limited help ensure that it stays in good standing and up-to-date on filings and fees. Even though, requirements vary greatly by jurisdiction, type of entity, frequent statue changes and more.


Our group is made up of seasoned lawyers with far-reaching experienced in compliance and corporate law in Nigeria and this enables our company to provide cutting edge legal advisory services to both our local and international clients in various sectors. We aware that, the compliance of a Nigerian business entity with Nigerian laws that regulate such business is key to the success of the business in Nigeria; therefore, in Bulls Capital Limited, we aim at assisting our clients achieve all the aforementioned at minimal cost.

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Our team has acquired enormous experience over the years in the area of corporate governance and this knowledge is of massive benefit to the firm in supporting its mergers and acquisition dealings as well as its corporate restructuring practice.


Therefore, Our company secretarial and Compliance services includes:-

  • Company formation (pre-formation, incorporation and post-incorporation)

We help companies with Company formation which includes pre-incorporation, incorporation and post-imcorporation engagement.

In the pre-incorporation services we help in drafting shareholder agreements, articles and memorandum of association, pre-incorporation contracts, Business Plans Writing, Marketing Research, Feasibility Studies,Market Entry Advisory. Our Services for Incorporation includes Name Search, Memorandum & Articles of Association Preparation, Filing of Application & Delivering of Incorporation Documents.

In Post-Incorporation filing, we assist our clients with Annual Returns Filing, Company Searches, Change of Directors, Change of Secretary, Alteration of Articles of Association & Memorandum of Association, Shares Increase, Change of Company Name, Filing of Notice of Debentures.

  • Prepare resolutions on behalf of the company

We prepare Company Resolutions for our Clients. Resolutions include:

Change of Name

Change of Directors

Approval of Financial Statements

Change of Secretaries

Alternations of Memorandum & Articles of Associations

Adoption of Minutes of Meetings


  • Maintain register of Members and other statutory books/records and file returns

Our company acts as Company Secretary as we maintain register of members and also help to keep statutory books.

  • Prepare, attend and co-ordinate company meetings; prepare minutes and maintain company’s minute book

  • Regulatory resolutions on behalf of the company

  • Directorship services

  • Offer general advice on routine statutory company secretarial matters

  • Corporate structuring advisory services

  • Developing ideal corporate governance policies for various corporate bodies such as          conflict of interest policy, employee induction and Onboarding policy, Anti-Money     Laundering Policy, and Combating the Financing of Terrorism policy.

  • Filing annual returns and other returns required to effect changes in a company’s   statutory records at the Corporate Affairs Commission.

  • Coordinating clients’ Board and Board Committee meetings in and outside of Nigeria.

  • Participating in corporate advisory work including conducting legal, due diligence             investigations and remediation on behalf of companies and providing such other          company secretarial and board support services as may be required by the      company.

  • Advising the Board of one of the largest social intervention trust funds in Nigeria, as well             as Africa.

  • Issuing of reminders of accounting deadlines

  • Providing access to the company’s records.

  • Other company secretarial and compliance services as may be required by the company


Bulls Capital Limited keenly participates in corporate advisory work, as well as conducting due diligence (confirmation and compliance) investigations in transactions carried out by the firm.  Bulls Capital Limited also offered board assistance and support in relation to taking records of board and committee meetings, fixing of meetings, agendas setting and the delivery of papers for a meeting; as well as the planning and execution of share transfers and changes in shareholding or dividend distributions and capital contributions.


Why companies needs Company secretarial and compliance services – is because Nigerian companies, by law, are required to appoint a Company Secretary. It is an offence to conduct business without appointing one. Besides, it is a good business practice to remain in sync with the regulatory compliances of the country one is operating in. Consequently, tasks like holding statutory records, maintaining shareholders’ register, and submitting audited financial statements, adopt prime importance. Company secretarial services are required to cater to these compliance functions.

In a situation whereby your company is having issue in handling their secretarial and compliance issues, the best way to approach this concept of secretarial and compliance is to establish a governance model that is able to identify, understand and remain in harmony with all legislative and regulatory obligations , whereas; if your company is still finding difficult to abide to the various legislative and regulatory obligations, the best thing is to outsource those activities to a company or service provider who has the knowledge of regulatory guidelines and scientific principles that will ensure your company’s regulatory success –  This is where Bulls Capital Limited comes in.

Therefore, compliance management can be a very big subject matter for business and this arises with a compliance benchmark. Law determines certain industry norms and rules that each company must adhere to. Then, it develops the company’s perspective to plan, implement and enforce such compliance.

Why Us?

Bulls Capital Limited helps entrepreneurs and firms to setup their company in Nigeria by providing corporate/company secretarial and compliance services to help them follow expected compliance requirements properly. Our reliable experts are specialized in dealing with regulatory matters in a safe and updated. We as well have an experienced corporate secretarial team in Nigeria to assist you with compliance and business consulting.

Company Secretarial Service in Nigeria

Meeting regulatory requirements is mandatory by corporate law in Nigeria and also beneficial for a company’s long-term benefit  and secretarial services fend off any possible operational risk for business owners , therefore this can be say to be the benefits of taking company secretarial  and compliance services seriously.

However, our firm can guide you through all relevant processes, formulate documents, compile meeting minutes, or even attend meetings with you to make sure processes run effortlessly with slightest commotion to your business. Our team is knowledgeable in revising and auditing company histories from a legal stance and to provide advice and help on any matters which need clarity or correction. This can be a useful tool if your company want to do refinancing or  seeking investment, or if shareholders are discussing an exit

Bulls Capital Limited can help your organization with the dissolution and liquidation of entities that are undeveloped or no longer required , whether it be the closure of a single entity or the closure of a numerous branch and representatives offices and companies through a range of jurisdictions.

More so, if you are incorporating a new organization or managing compliance with ever-transforming local legislation, you may find yourself in dire need of administrative support which you can definitely rely on Bulls Capital Limited to Step in, and definitely with our global network of expertise, we can render extensive collection of corporate administrative services in a wide range of jurisdictions while also ensuring that every one of your firm’s legal entities follows to local legislation.

Basically, the need to maintain and document compliance with statutory corporate obligations is obvious, but the administrative burden can be overwhelming, especially if you are unfamiliar with the rules and regulations in a foreign jurisdiction. Matog company secretarial services will make the process as simple and as candid as probable, allowing the executives to pay attention to what they do best; that is running their business.

We have appropriate tools and ideas stretching from using specific project management technology and data analytics to technical compliance solutions to help your firm achieve the greatest value. Our goal is to improve the regularization of corporate compliance and secretarial procedures and to invest in supporting technologies in order to help transform processes and technologies, aligning data and improving efficiency and transparency.

Finally, Bulls Capital Limited can undertake all your company secretarial requirements from basic filings at Companies House as above, to attendance at, and minute of meetings, and liaison with your shareholders or advisers, e.g. accountants and lawyers. In a nutshell, we can provide the continuity and benefits of having your own in house company secretarial function without the overheads. Your nominated qualified company secretary will be able to respond on a daily basis via phone or email to any queries and act on them straight away. If necessary, this can include attendance at your offices on a part-time basis. We make sure that all company secretarial and compliance duties are performed correctly in all jurisdictions where your business operates. It’s a vital element of global risk management.

Also note that, if you need assistance in other areas such as accounting, payroll, Pension Compliance issues, tax, public relations, marketing, web domain registration, debt recovery, business plan and setup, we can help too.

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