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Cost optimization is a business-oriented, continuous discipline to drive spending and cost reduction, while maximizing business value. Cost optimization includes obtaining the best pricing and terms for all your business purchases. Basically, the purpose of cost optimization services is to achieve the best cost relative to a set of prioritized criteria or constraints while maximizing productivity, reliability, efficiency and utilization of those purchases.

Cost optimization services will help your organization to identify and comprehend cost drivers of an organization in order to derive better control over key process. In Bulls Capital Limited, we work with our clients with the aim on increasing their business value through operating cost reduction and workforce efficiency increase.

To craft an optimal and justifiable cost position that is associated with strategy and corresponding to capital investment, Bulls Capital Limited supports our clients in undertaking all-inclusive review of all possible levers, leveraging a broad toolset and deep functional experience.

Cost optimization is a key opportunity that leads to funding innovation within your organization

In Bulls Capital Limited, we believed that “what gets measured gets managed as well”. We helps in demystifying company’s hidden and direct operational cost. Our comprehensive report express elaborate details on every transactions, its bank charges and benchmarks it against the industry median so as to give an insight into potential savings.

We streamlines Current Costs with the aim of achieving an optimal cost structure in your business services. Bulls Capital Limited process begins with validating assets from those being billed. Remaining services are optimally configured and current pricing is compared to benchmarks from our cost database. We then manages a particular process to confirm benchmark data and select preferred vendors. These preliminary steps result in the development of an Optimization Report that identifies the cost saving opportunities and their associated risks.

We offers a variety of consulting services engrossed on optimizing business and technology costs. So many businesses are focused on their sales and capitalizing on opportunities for selling their goods or services. However, sales are important to any business, another important area to focus on, which most times is been marginalized is the Optimization of their business

Identifying opportunities is only the first step. Ensuring that each opportunity is implemented with integrity and consistency is the next and most important step. Bulls Capital Limited  not only identifies optimization opportunities, we execute recommendations ensuring a unified transition to a lower cost structure.

Many companies don’t yet have the technical know-how and proficiency to perform cost-optimization activities before migrating their customers to the cloud. They also may not know which resource to turn off once the customer is already consuming their services.

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Therefore, analyzing consumption and optimizing costs is no longer an impossible task for companies. Bulls Capital Limited has introduced cost optimization services as a part of the plan to manage our client services. These services provide access to a cost-management tool that can view and analyze the customer’s cloud consumption. With the ability to easily monitor the customer’s cloud-resource consumption, track data insights and analyze the customer’s spending, our clients can simplify their billing processes and help customers identify cost-saving opportunities.

Bulls Capital Limited supports its clients in taking a fresh look at their cost base. We believed that you don’t need a prolonged and over-detailed, desktop-based analytic but rather a swiftly developed, good-for-purpose fact base which is leverage to support a well-coordinated program of client-led initiatives.

Companies that seek to balance material, sustainable cost reductions with broader strategic goals, however, have a far more complex challenge on their hands.

Cost Optimization services takes advantage of opportunities that are existing in your company. It is quiet obvious that the opportunity is there, but finding it is a challenge. Because you are so unified in your company, you won’t be able to discover inefficiencies in your operations, that’s why you our firm Cost optimization services because we are trained to find those opportunities which will help in optimizing your cost.

Moreover, addressing short-term cost-out imperatives, while ensuring your company maintains sufficient abilities within its core capabilities to support strategic goals and compete in the marketplace, is a subtle act.

However, Cost optimization services is not only about cost reduction but more about driving down spending while also maximizing business value.

A cost optimization strategy will cover:-

  • Emanating a formal plan, reviewed on a regular basis so as to ensure our client are getting the best pricing and terms for all their business purchase.
  • Simplifying and standardizing their applications, processes and services.
  • Then, automating their business operations.

Cost optimization services required a deep analysis of companies expenses, such as cost-to-serve analytics, spend analytics and also reviewing their current processes to identify areas of opportunity which will drive out cost while at the same time, bring their greater business efficiency.

Many profitable companies now focused highly on cost optimization by brining effective ways of improving productivity and process efficiency. Bulls Capital Limited will brings cost improvement Kaizen tools to increase profitability.

Often the most obvious places to look for savings either directly conflict with these strategic considerations or limit the amount you will be able to extract. In addition, it is often difficult to challenge your organization as to whether it has adequately robust view of potential opportunities because the fact base of key cost levers is not documented. Or your senior team may be of the opinion that there is no room for improvement, while they may be unaware to best practices elsewhere in your industry or analogous sectors.

Besides, when it comes to achieving the most material and sustainable cost transformations, these largely require complex solutions, such as material organizational or process redesigns, and material investment in terms of capital and senior leadership’s time. As a result, the payback period or simply the reticence to change becomes a stumbling block.

More so, running and managing your public infrastructure can be so difficult; hence, there is need for you to cut costs and increase optimization which you can only do, if you are able to completely manage your cloud assets.

We leverage a broad productivity toolset to identify opportunities that we deploy as appropriate for each client situation, in order to develop an overall savings target that can be cascaded down into initiatives.

In Bulls Capital Limited , We are able to help clients quickly create a single source of truth within a matter of weeks and this normally involves:-

  • Cost segmentation by function
  • Segments decomposed, cost reduction levers identified
  • Cost reduction levers (or gap to ideal state) based on deep, sector-relevant functional experience

So many organizations face persistent challenges to showcase value from IT investments quickly. Therefore, imperatives like compliance with reforms and mandates and increasing consumer demands adds to the pressure of improving service delivery. Looking at their planned budgets, it becomes necessary for companies to optimize operations and costs on a sustained basis.

Innovating with less is the key to sustained optimization

In Bulls Capital Limited, our services arm our clients with the right tools and methodologies to innovate with less. We help them in eliminating, consolidating and optimizing business and IT processes, as well as simplifying and modernizing their systems to improve effectiveness and efficiency while reducing fraud, waste and abuse.

In rendering cost optimization services, we focus on areas which includes:-

  • Analytics to comprehend your spending as well as benchmarking against your competition to identify areas of opportunity.
  • Revising your existing applications and procedures to identify areas for improvement that will lead to streamlining your business.
  • Introducing automation across all key areas of your business including Accounting, Human resources, Job/Project Planning, Customer Relationship Management etc.

Economic uncertainty demands maximum efficiency and impact from cloud spend. Our firm will help you optimize your costs and communicate the business value of cloud.

When rendering cost optimization services to our clients, our firm reduce business banking charges to provide an outright leverage for uninterrupted operations. Among our in-house team, we have ex-bankers who would act as your extended finance team and aids companies with transaction-level monitoring and execution, which will definitely leads to Cost Optimization.

Our processes in Bulls Capital Limited are continuous and can be standardized with the existing set up offering continuity and efficiency.

We help our clients to keep expenses in check through a business banking comparison, reviewing various providers’ services and fees to evaluate saving opportunities.

In Bulls Capital Limited, the experience of our team in relation to cost optimization includes the following areas:-

  • Increase utilization of production facilities
  • Organizational structure optimization
  • Business Processes re-engineering
  • Increase in labor productivity
  • We help build organizational capacity in emerging technologies like social media, cloud and mobile
  • We also adopt alternate delivery models
  • Adoption of best practices from the Private sector to help re-invest saving in strategic IT investments to drive operational excellence.

Business are in crisis. CIOS urgently need to cut costs and mitigate risks. We will help you quickly forecasts, re-plan and get back on track.

Our Cost Optimization Services are:-

  • Product Portfolio Rationalization
  • Comprehensive Performance Diagnostic
  • Planning, analyzing and optimizing companies’ expenditures on Information Technology in relation to Financial Management.
  • Cost-reduction Diagnostic
  • Development of a transformative operating model and comprehensive cost-out program.
  • Cloud & Hybrid:- Optimizing cost and usage of infrastructure
  • App and Services:- Rationalizing duplication and investing for growth
  • Business value:- Conveying value and recovering costs
  • Vendor and Suppliers:- Governing your technology vendor portfolio
  • Agile and Projects: – Tracking and analyzing investment returns.
  • Inventory Optimization

In our company, we help implement our client inventory optimization by providing an accurate, granular view of their inventory performance and delivers optimized recommendations for inventory and reorder levels for each stock item.

Meanwhile, In Bulls Capital Limited, our Cost optimization services is perform at two levels, which are Standard Levels, Premium Levels. And this  premium levels deals with consulting from our team of expert, certified architects who will perform an in-depth analysis and make recommendations on infrastructure changes, so as to reduce your costs and help you make better decisions in relation to your spending.

We observed a change program led by leaders within the company has a far superior chance of succeeding than one driven by external advisors. We see our role as supporting business-led initiatives in developing robust, practical plans, with our teams supporting them with the right tools, analytical bandwidth, and overarching program structure.

Finally, in Bulls Capital Limited, we will help you optimize your maintenance, repair and operation inventory. We help businesses to make informed decisions to optimize your spending, inventories as well as increasing service levels and minimized unplanned downtime  and all this can actually let loose millions of Naira of working capital and positively impact your bottom line performance.

Do you want our services in Cost optimization today? please call 08023200801, 08075765799, email: sales@bullscapitalltd.com. Alternatively, you may complete our request for proposal form hereunder.