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Customer Service Consulting

 Assuring our customers quality service experience

 Bulls Capital Limited aids some of the Nigeria’s leading brands in providing outstanding service for their customers. Many successful businesses are quiet sure of what their customers want; therefore, they structure their organization in such a way to make a successful delivery a reality. These successful businesses make customer service a management primacy, reward for service, recruit and pay attention to investment on the aspects of service that are most important to customers.

Customer Service Consulting incorporates all of the activities performed by a business in support of a customer’s experience with a product or service. This includes all customer oriented services which take place before, during and after a purchase.

We help our clients develop customer service strategies which will help their customer’s expectations and as well be sustainable by the way of supporting the aforementioned holistic approach and combines them with research, consultancy, training and measurement. Customer services consulting involves providing good answers to questions from clients if they aren’t well-versed about their company’s offerings.

Working with clients such as Lenox International Limited, Maleoh Properties Limited, Pacific Nigeria Limited, Key Continental Limited and the Olive Microfinance Bank Limited we have proven time after time that our techniques measurably improve customers’ experience and positively impact retention and loyalty. Our approach delivers real improvements for our clients in terms of commercial metrics such as sales conversion, operating costs and staff attrition.

Bulls Capital Limited approach is relevant across a broad range of industries and services in both the private and public sectors as well as in the consumer and business-business markets.

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Appreciating What Customers Value

Bulls Capital Limited firm appreciate what’s so important to customers, that is:-

  • What service experience they truly value?
  • Helping them improve on their customer service strategy that delivers value and differentiates them in a jam-packed market.
  • We also uncover what is impacting their current service performance
  • We also use knowledge to challenge management thinking and practices
  • We help them eliminate what’s getting in the way of meeting or exceeding customer’s

In Bulls Capital Limited firm we believed that no customer service strategy will be successful without the full commitment of everybody in the organization. Therefore, galvanizing management behind their service vision will enables entity to engage their staff and create the behavioural change necessary to deliver that vision.

However, creating consistent and connected customer journeys is challenging. Moreover, a clear customer experience strategy creates trust and loyalty among employees and customers, developing business performance. Bulls Capital Limited firm have expertise to help your firm to define your challenges and required outcomes. Developing and designing customer experience capabilities and as well deploying your connected customer journeys, you need to focus on the following:-

  • Understanding your customers by adopting an experience-centric business strategy, supported by strong customer analytics. You have to continually understand your customer with the right analytics and data management capabilities.  Bulls Capital Limited firm bring all your platforms and locations together, providing you with analytical capability to drive your customer experience strategy.
  • Engaging customers with appropriate connected Omni-channel solutions.
  • Optimizing your performance with workforce optimization and employee engagement. Optimize your workforce by communicating and collaborating with them in real-time. Bulls Capital Limited firm digital workforce optimization and maturity advisory capabilities will help you with employee engagement, defining the changing role of people in supporting customers, workload balancing and skills management, supported workflow, agent and face to face desktop and collaboration, performance and quality management, contact recording and workforce.
  • Personalizing your customer experience through innovative insight frameworks, with marketplace and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) capability. Bulls Capital Limited firm will personalize your customer’s digital physical experience. We are going to help you generate an intuitive customer experience across all channels, devices and touch points. Bulls Capital Limited firm expertise will helps in delivering excellent service to retain customers and generate agile sales and marketing opportunities.
  • Automating using advanced process workflow automation, robotics and AI.

 Customer Policy

In Bulls Capital Limited Firm, we help our clients design inside-out customer policies which develop value propositions that address customers’ underlying needs and desired outcomes. Our firm ensure it is fortified by Analytic and Experience Design to create differentiated experiences that bring into line with your core brand promise.

In relation to Customer Policy, there are some questions to consider and how Bulls Capital Limited firm can help you, see the table below:-

Key Questions to put into consideration How Bulls Capital Limited firm can help you
Which type of customers are you targeting and what do the targeted customers value? Our company will help you in understanding who your customers are and way of segmenting them
Customer-centric growth and innovation or Product and brand-led, which one did your organizational strategy lay emphasized upon. We will ensure your strategy is supported by customer insight and analytics and unified with the endways customer experience.
Are your business functions customer or product-centric and do they permit for a combined view of the customer across your organization. We help grow and advance your entity, create new capabilities and talent to deliver on your customer policy.
Do your value schemes solve customers’ underlying needs, pain and points and desired outcomes, or it just communicate the value of your products? We will co-create customer-centred value schemes, products and services in response to customer needs.

Customer Know-how

Basically, Customer know-how is now one of the key sources of competitive advantage. Therefore, are you aligning your brand products and service, channels, promise and pricing with your customers’ touch-point and consumption experiences? Therefore, if you get it right, it will build customer engagement and revenues and if you get it wrong, you risk losing customers; this implies that negative impact on your corporate reputation will leads to less in revenues and market share.

In relation to Customer Experience, there are some questions to consider and how Bulls Capital Limited firm can help you, see the table below:-

Key Questions to put into consideration How Bulls Capital Limited firm can help you
Do you offer customers a multichannel experience where they can engage anywhere, anytime? We will help you to develop a multi-channel experience that is integrated across channels and to back office system to deliver a seamless experience.
Are all your channels integrated to deliver a seamless customer experience? We will help you identify how digital technologies can optimize and improve the customer experience, either through new channels or new products and services.
Do you proactively anticipate customer needs and deliver to their expectations? We will work with you to map the customer journey, identify the moments that matter, and design and implement a differentiated customer experience that delivers on your brand promise.

Service and Engagement

We help our clients change their customer service and engagement from cost centres into revenue generating businesses because we believed that progressive customer services and engagement creates a culture within an organization and this is focused on the customer experience; therefore this provides the infrastructure to build on past successes to reach new levels of superiority.

In relation to Service and engagement, there are some questions to consider and how Bulls Capital Limited firm can help you, see the table below:-

Key Questions to put into consideration How Bulls Capital Limited firm can help you
Do you have a defined and clear service value scheme that is unified in your overall value scheme? We will help you grow and implement a customer service and engagement strategy that is aligned with your overall customer experience strategy.
Can your contact centre provide an unified voice/digital experience to the customer? We will optimise the operations of your contact centres to ensure they are value-creating.
Do you have a multi-channel engagement model that utilizes digital channel that drive down costs? We will help you switch channels to enhance customer engagement while lowering costs.

Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales remains the frontline of so many businesses’ commercial models today.

In Bulls Capital Limited, we help our clients ensure that their marketing and sales strategies and operations are associated to the rapidly changing behaviours and channel usage of today’s customer and are unified with service and operations in a way that tends towards increased effectiveness and efficiency.

When it comes to Marketing and sales, there are some questions to consider and How Bulls Capital Limited can help you, see the table below:-

Key Questions to put into consideration How Bulls Capital Limited can help you
How perfect does your marketing strategy translate into marketing and sales plans? We will help you develop on all-encompassing marketing and sales strategy, rooted in customer insight and analytics, endways customer experience, and facilitated by appropriated metrics.
Are the marketing and sales processes well unified? We will ensure that your marketing and sales processes are well aligned with what you intends to achieve from the commencement of the business.
Are your marketing and sales channels aligned to changing customers behaviors? We will help you develop, execute and measure dynamic, engaging digital marketing campaigns and build these capabilities internally.

Pricing and Profitability

In Bulls Capital Limited, we aids our clients evaluate the main drivers of customer demand and their relationship to pricing strategy, and as well as considering cost drivers and enablers. We ensure that pricing becomes adaptive to your market and the ever changing value perceptions of your customers and detecting ways to reduce costs and enhance profitability.

In relation to Pricing and Profitability, there are some questions to consider and how Bulls Capital Limited can help you, see the table below:-

Key Questions to put into consideration How Bulls Capital Limited can help you
Do you have clear pricing strategies for your target markets We will work with you to develop global and local pricing/revenue models strategies
Is your pricing based on cost plus analysis or market driven We will identify and develop appropriate pricing models for your customers as well as price points.
Are tactical pricing decisions driving planned outcomes? We will help you optimize your customer portfolio profitability.
Is your relative price position inline with your pricing? We will help you change and implement novel pricing approaches, for example, value based pricing and risk/reward model.


 Averagely, 52% of Customers will buy more and pay more because of good Customer experience

  • 85% of Customers are willing to pay up to 25% more to certify greater service
  • Every N1 invested in Customer Service yields a N3 return
  • A Customer Service leader will enlarge revenues of slackers in their industry by double and even triple digit percentages
  • Customer Service training increases employee motivation and engagement

Unfavorably, research has revealed not investing in your Customer experience will destroy the financial results of a company.

  • Bad experience will make more than 50 % to stop buying from you.
  • If your company is not concentrating on an enhanced experience already, the gap between you and your competitor who has, will increase and compound daily
  • When customers are unhappy about a business, it will cost the business a lot of money from support and returns, to a world of mouth on social media.
  • 82% of people have stopped doing business with a company due to bad customer service
  • When company has bad experience with your company, 85% of them, will warn other companies not have any business dealing with you.

In Bulls Capital Limited, we believed that what matters most to customers, which also has great impact on their experience “is the way they are been treated by the people they come into contact with in an organization”. This implies, that every touch-point matters.

In Bulls Capital Limited we believed that service improvements must be sustainable and that there is always opportunity to make customer experience much better.  We are not that bothered about quick fixes, we rather believed strongly in developing the right input measures that will drive the behaviours needed to deliver the desired customer experience.

The goal of customer service is to increase customer satisfaction; in other words, the goal of customer service is to serve the customer in such a way that the customer believes their expectations have been met or exceeded. That is, to first make customers satisfied, secondly to move them from being satisfied customers to being loyal customers, and thirdly to transition them from being loyal customers to being advocates, or living advertisements, for your business.

In Bulls Capital Limited, we take cognizance of the fact that as an organization, you must make an incredible impression, and your customers will gradually spread word about your business. Based on the type of business which you have, you may find that, though traditional advertising and marketing strategies are still crucial, much of your business comes from repeat customers and through word of mouth recommendations from satisfied customers.

Finally, Customer service consulting may involves spending a lot of time answering phone calls as well as talking to customers regarding their company’s products or services.  In Bulls Capital Limited we use our customer service knowledge to handle difficult customers and make sure that each customer has a good experience.

In Bulls Capital Limited our expertise interact well with others, we are friendly and we also have clear communicators that are capable of holding productive conversations that benefit both the customer and the reputation of their employer.

How can we help you in your customer service activities? please buzz 08023200801, 08075765799, email: sales@bullscapitalltd.com. Alternatively, you may complete our request for proposal form hereunder.