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Feasibility Studies

Bulls Capital is a Nigerian Feasibility Study Company. We help Entrepreneurs to tests their business ideas. We do the market, organization/technological studies and financial studies. We know and believe that businesses require a Feasibility Study to evaluate their business idea. They hope that a Study can reveal a make or break issue. Therefore, as an Entrepreneur, you would be interested in evaluation of your business idea on Market, Technical/Organizational Issues and Financial Issues.

You may be bothered about those issues, Bulls Capital Limited can help conduct a Market Analysis to answer the following questions:

What is the current or projected demand for your proposed products or services?  In other words, how many units can you reasonably expect to sell each month?

Expected Demand for the new products or service. What is the current market demand for similar products? How many units can the new business reasonable sell as a new entrant?

Who are the potential buyers of the new products or service? What are their ages, income levels, lifestyles, religion, family status, populations and what is common among them

What is the projected supply in your area of the products or services needed for your project?

The projected supply of the product or service by competitors. Can the new product offer a difference? The possible way the new product can compete

What location should be business use to support its success?

If you engage us to write your Feasibility Study as the leading Nigerian Feasibility Study Company, we will also help you with answering organizational questions.

Organizations Questions:

The Feasibility Study should be able to advise on the appropriate organizational structure, whether sole proprietorship, limited partnership, joint venture, private limited liability company or co-operative, staff and the board membership, qualifications and experience, how many staff is required and planned salary over a planning horizon.

Technical Feasibility

A good Feasibility Study should provide answers to the required technology to drive the new business, equipment required, how the technology and equipment will be acquired, cost of technology and equipment and lead time to procure both items.

Financial Issues

Start Up Costs

Lastly, a good feasibility study should provide answers to the initial Start-Up Costs. These include, Buildings, Factory, Registration of Business, Legal Cost, Plants & Machinery, Raw Materials, Working Capital, Salary for a few Months, Rents, Licenses & Permits, Marketing Costs, Brand Launching etc

Operating Expenses

The Study will indicate operating costs like power, salaries, raw materials and interest payments etc

Revenue & Production Forecasts

A well written Feasibility Study will point to the basis for arrival of projected prices for the products or services, volumes of sales monthly, quarterly etc

Funding Sources

Whether the Entrepreneur will required borrowing, new equity investors or bank borrowing, a well conducted study will guide.

Profitability/Breakeven/Positive Investment Ratios 

Lastly, a good feasibility study should suggests if the business is a profitable one, its breakeven point and also maintain good investments and financial ratios.

we conduct feasibility studies for new ventures, start-up projects,expansion projects, and for regulatory requirements.

In closing, we offer Bulls Capital Limited to you as your Partner Nigerian Feasibility Study Company to help you conduct and write your business feasibility study today. We have the experience which cuts across several industries. If your business idea is big, then you need to talk to us today. Call 08023200801, 08075765799. Email:sales@bullscapitalltd.com.