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Human Resource Consulting Services

 Human Resource is believed to be one of the most significant functions for any business and for a company to be successful and be able to achieve its objectives, they need right people and develop those right people adequately.

Human resource consulting services deals with human resource management tasks and decisions. Human resource department is a very important department in an organization and most firm always have problem maintaining this department. Even where the organization has its own strategy for HR, Human Resource consultants will still assist with the implementation by identifying the steps the company should take to put their plans into motion.

Bulls Capital Limited has been existing as a human resource consultants to so many indigenous company and foreign company in Nigeria. As a consultant, we play two roles in your organization Expert Resource Consultant and Process/People Consultant.

 Bulls Capital Limited, as a human resource consultant will form everything from employee handbooks to onboarding specifications and processes that create a restructured and consistent experience for all your employees. Therefore, don’t be bothered about your human resource activities again.

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From advice to execution, Bulls Capital Limited specializes in providing Human Resource Consulting services to Organisations in Nigeria. However, to support organization’s human capital strategy and a high performance culture, our firm provide services in the following areas:-

  • HR best practices
  • Talent acquisition and development
  • Change management and organizational culture
  • Performance management
  • Learning and Development
  • Employee motivation and engagement
  • Career development and counselling
  • Occupational testing and assessment
  • Compensation and Benefits and so on.

When you work with Bulls Capital Limited, you can count on us take care of all the details of every project to which we are assigned. With over 15 years of HR experience and extensive training and expertise, our team of HR consultants can step in and quickly be in charge of a wide range of HR-related issues, which will enable you and your staff to focus on other critical elements of your core business.

At Bulls Capital Limited, we have helped clients with different array of HR consulting projects over the years, leveraging our extensive expertise and providing a fresh, new perspective on a variety of issues that confront many organizations.

Our firm provide a complete Human Resource consulting services, by sending our expertise team to acts as your company’s in-house recruiting staff. Our team will work with your human resource department staff so as to meet your unique needs of recruiting the right employee for a particular vacant post.

In Bulls Capital Limited, we believe organizations need all-inclusive expertise to ensure their human capital strategies are intact and able to meet business requirements and objectives, alongside engaging the workforce to perform at their best.

However, in any organization, building their human resource department is the first phase in developing your business, before you will now start talking of developing their talent. However, if you find it difficult to create a reasonable human resource department within your entity; then, you need the service of a human resource consultants.

Bulls Capital Limited renders human resource consulting services in such a way that, we treat your employees as the most valuable asset. We will make sure your company get the best out of your employee. We will take our time to understand each of your employee and their role at your company and this will enables us to form proper career paths based on their personal goals and also establish performance metrics to help them ascertain those goals.

Bulls Capital Limited’s HR consulting expertise will helps your business flourish

Our firm believed that, employee retention is one of the major issues faced by some companies and what caused this can be traced to how companies treat their employee or based on how their human resource department is been run.

Therefore, our firm will use our knowledge in the field of human resource in the local job market to build a benefit plans and compensation as well as career plans which will make your employees to want to keep working in your organization.

One of the activities of Human resource department is managing the payroll and benefits of an organization and if these are not perfectly managed, an organization tends to have human resource issue. Bulls Capital Limited will implement the right systems by combining software with our expertise to build systems that are flawless for your organization. We have the technical know-how of customizing and creating systems that will best-fit your business needs.

It’s part of our duty as a human resource consultants to manage your company’s payroll. We will help you automate your payroll and other operations in order to reduce the time your strategic players waste on small day-to-day tasks and give them chance to focus on areas that are critical to the growth of your entity.

Bulls Capital Limited played the role of human capital advisory in your entity and we will help your organization in the implementation of activities related to the management of your organization human’s capital and the Human Resource function. Our scope of human resource consulting services ranges from all-encompassing work on human capital policy to the design and deployment of a compensation and benefits framework down to the change of the Human Resource function.

Your Company HR issues is stressing you? You need not bother. What you need is a Human Resource Consultant like BULLS CAPITAL LIMITED, our team are expertise in Human resource consulting services

However, Bulls Capital Limited as a human resource consultant, will render human resource consulting services to you company by:-

  • Serving as an internal consultants, which we tends to analyze your company’s current Human resource programs and recommending solutions.
  • Advising your company’s management on the administration of human resources policies and procedures.
  • Providing Human Resource support on M & A Programmes
  • Developing, revising and implementing Human Resource Policies and procedures in your
  • Developing a new talent management strategy for critical business functions
  • Ensuring that the necessary people and human capital expertise is on board
  • Ensuring the improvement of the performance of your entity’s Human Resource function.

The Market for human resource consulting services is made up of eight major disciplines, which are:-

  • Human Resource Analytics
  • Talent Management
  • Human Capital Strategy
  • Learning and Development
  • Human Resource Technology
  • Human Resource Function
  • Organizational Change
  • Compensation and Benefits

Human Resource can be complex and costly, but it shouldn’t be with aids of Human Resource Consultant

All the aforementioned disciplines are embedded in human resource consulting services. For instance, Organizational change includes the people side of change, this aimed at guiding and embedding changes in organizational structure successfully. Change management stands at the heart of the service area. Organisational change services can be a service to be render on its own in human resource consulting services because they are bundled into larger functional transformations to maintain the people side of change.

Human capital strategy encompasses various strategic work in the Human Resource field, for instance defining a corporate culture, setting up a people strategy and organization design that supports key pillars in the business.

Talent management which is also one of the service render by human resource consulting services, encompasses all activities required to recruit, retain and develop talent. It also deals with ensuring the right structure and processes in place to ensure professionals can perform better.

Another functional area in Human resource consulting service is learning and development, which can also be referred to as training and development deals with the activities which aim at improving the performance of individual employee and group of employees in an organization. However, our firm will coach and mentor your employee in all aspect of human resource activities. HR Analytics which is also one of the functional area in Human resource consulting services focuses on applying analytic processes to the human capital spectrum, with the main objective of adding insights and value to your entity human resource activities.

Bulls Capital Limited can help your business by providing HR consulting services in the area of employee benefits

Bulls Capital Limited will lend its HR expertise to your employment projects. We will definitely remove the assumption and free up your employee  to focus on core business, and this will make you have peace of mind that emanate from knowing that your projects is following Human Resource best practice and are in-line with relevant employment laws.

We will ensure that, all the relevant employment laws are applied in running your human resource department. And this will definitely help your entity to grow. Our team of Senior HR consultants has expertise in a wide range of areas, which will enable them to partner with you and deliver high-quality results on virtually any HR Consultancy project.

Employing the services of a human resource consulting services will drive value to your business

Our firm will form a sustainable compensation plan which will be in-line with your organization’s talent acquisition and retention strategy, which includes up-to-date job descriptions, variable bonuses and salaries based on current market data. We will also help your entity in mitigating risk by ensuring that your workforce management practices are complying with consistent federal, sate and local regulations.

Moreover, we will also ensure that the performance of your employees are been managed. We will address your entity’s employee performance issues in a non-emotionally charged but still legally-compliant manner which tends to reduce the impact on employees and business productivity while reducing employer risk.

In Bulls Capital Limited, our team offer a flexible and customizable solution to your human resource activities. We cover full spectrum of your company HR needs that many organizations found it difficult to address.

Meanwhile, our firm will take time to learn about your business and understand your challenges first, and we will now help you to proffer a solution that will meets your entity’s unique needs.

Our HR team will assist your company with a range of human resources challenges, whether it’s evaluating market compensation, delivering training, examining your HR function, reviewing or revising policies, forming or revising your employee handbook, advising on an employee relations issue and creating job descriptions.

Why Choose Us?

Bulls Capital Limited has bring balance to all of the organizations that we serve by offering expert Human Resource Oversight and clever advice for both companies and non-profits organization. With more than 15 years of combined experience in the HR consulting business. We provides outsourced and interim HR management  and consulting for strategic HR matters like structuring employee benefits programs, hiring and terminating employees, regulatory compliance, strategizing on employee retention and developing and executing compensation strategies. Our firm go above and beyond with tried-and-true HR solutions that will move your business forward. Therefore, if you are in search for balance and expert HR consulting services, search no more. We are at your service.

Bulls Capital Limited offer you with instant, real-time access to experienced and knowledgeable HR Professionals

 Our clients have found it very helpful to work with Human Resource Consultants from Bulls Capital Limited handle employee relations issues to ensure that their employees feel they are treated fairly and to potentially identify any areas of systemic concern.

Our firm believed that, as an outside HR consultants we can see the big picture more easily than your internal staff and develop systems and strategies to proactively address employee relations issues before they become legal matters or otherwise negatively impact your bottom line.

Finally, whatever the size of your company or your Human resource department, no organization has in-house expertise in every area – and that’s where Bulls Capital Limited can be extremely helpful. We have a long, successful history of partnering with organizations of all types and sizes to provide specialized HR consulting that streamlines and enhances the productivity of their HR and core business operations.

By working with the HR consulting team at Bulls Capital Limited HR services you can ensure that your benefits plan is competitive in your industry and location and cost-effective in terms of the level of quality that it provides.  Our firm help organization in tackling their HR situations by providing Human resource consulting services on a project basis or on a full-scale HR support.

To know more about how we can help with your human resource consulting services, please call 08023200801, 08075765799, email: sales@bullscapitalltd.com. Alternatively, you may complete our request for proposal form hereunder.