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Learning and Development Services in Nigeria

 Learning and Development services aim at improving group and individual performance by enhancing and sharpening skills and knowledge. It is often called training and development and it forms part of an entity’s talent management strategy which is designed to align group and individual goals and performance with the entity’s overall vision and goals.

In Bulls Capital Limited , we offer learning solutions that develop your employee performance and deliver greater business results. We have developed our learning and development services with the mindset required of specific industry and custom made solutions while considering the requirements of the marketing staff.

We work with companies to build capability important to their performance and to employ a systematic approach to learning and development which forms part of their general workforce strategy and governance considerations.

Therefore, Bulls Capital Limited is capable of tailoring capability development programs which will reflect both your entity and employee needs. Our highly learner centered and interactive programs enhance skills, raise awareness and make a clear link to participants’ work, and most times, personal life.

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The delivery of learning and development services is fundamental to Bulls Capital Limited and our desire to form workforce for the future.

In our firm, we use modern technology to support the learning process and a full-bodied feedback mechanism ensures that we are able to assess knowledge transfer and develop a feedback mechanism according to the outcome of the analysis.

In Bulls Capital Limited, we offer web-based learning solution that is closely related to an in-person classroom environment.  Our team has been delivering live, interactive training events via a technology called Zoom technology for several years, our training team can also support your entity’s effort to continue employee learning on a remote basis.

However, these our customized online events preserve the integrity and influence of our in-person sessions, and offer the opportunity to supply training to employees now, while they may be likely less production working from home. We ensure that our training sessions are conversational and engaging.

All our training content is developed to fit the exceptional needs of your entity and is delivered by a live trainer in an interactive forum

Bulls Capital Limited is a forward thinking, innovative and highly practical training provider for line management training, leadership and core staff development. We self-importance ourselves on the authenticity and integrity of what we say and do; whether that’s in the training room, client meetings or more importantly as we go about our daily lives.

We provide our clients with the tools, techniques and strategy that get results and create high performing individuals and teams. We provide line management training and development which will help entity and people in the entity develop their purpose in their learning development approach.

In Bulls Capital Limited, we believed that to operate successfully in the changing conditions of the market, an entity needs employees who can learn and adapt. Therefore, we will help you develop a development and training plan as well as implementing it with the aids of various partners in our organization.

For any organization to grow at an expected pace; they need to invest on learning and development of their employees. And the best way to develop the skills of your employees is to hire a learning and development consultant that will come into your entity for an agreed period of time and train your employees. This is why, when talking about learning and development services, we must talk about Training needs analysis.

Training Needs Analysis

In carrying out learning and development services, the first step of Developing employees is a training needs analysis and this analysis is based on 4 (four) aspects which are:-

  • Training Management
  • Objective-based Management
  • Competency-based Management
  • Talent Management

In handling training needs analysis, we will first map out the competencies required for the operation of your entity and compare them with existing ones. Then, we will prepare a relevant training plan based on your entity’s budget and methodical preferences. Likewise, in relation to objective based management, our firm observed work processes, and this will helps us to make sure that all your employees are working towards a sole goal of the entity. In most cases, we will conduct personal interviews.  In relation to talent management, we will determine the development needs of those people who are strategically important to your company and prepare them for new responsibilities with appropriate training.

We have identified some of the major challenges that most entities encounter which might prompt the needs for learning and development services and they are:-

  • Transferring skills to new generations
  • Adapting to market conditions
  • Talents shortages
  • Creating learning dexterity.

Our firm will assist you throughout the whole training process, from idea development to assessment of results. Our firm will assist you in choosing the right method and technology, the ones that is suitable for your entity. We will make sure that the training runs smoothly by organizing everything from the venue and catering to training providers and learning materials.

We have also notice that, due to the fact that, training can be done on a computer or a mobile phone which allows employees to plan their time better and work on training materials anytime that suite them, has enable training courses to sometimes playful but still making sense. That’s why, in our entity, we make use of E-learning which helps in organizing training online for our clients employee and giving them training materials when needed. E-learning brings about independent time planning, Easy analysis of results and efficient capabilities.

Consistency drives the ability to build a strategy, which is very important in changing the culture of an organization and allowing learning and development to lead.

In Bulls Capital Limited, we have expertise in learning and development services which includes:-

  • Leadership and coaching
  • Career development
  • Change management
  • Communication
  • Interview and Selection
  • Management and supervision
  • Performance management
  • Presentation skills
  • Training needs analysis
  • Disciplinary processes: misconduct and performance
  • Team building and effectiveness
  • Negotiation and Mediation
  • Career transition including effective job seeking skills

In our firm we also help in determining career path for young ones; we work with their parents and guide their step in knowing the right career for their wards. We also, train potential employee that is about to enter the labour market and finally, people of grown-up age that want to re-invent or re-invigorate their career path are also trained and developed in such a way to make the re-inventing of their career path successful.

We make use of different training methodology, hence the diagrammatical representation of training methodology below:-


Training Methodology

BULLS CAPITAL LIMITED provides learning and development consulting services to aids companies overcome common business difficulties to meet their exceptional objectives 

Why Learning and Development services?

As an entity, learning and development services is so important to you because:-

  • It helps in building leadership capability at all level in your entity.
  • It identify and develop the key know-hows required for success in every role inside your
  • It helps in equipping your employees with the commercial and financial intelligence required for business success.
  • It helps in developing employee initiation programmes which will empower new hires to hit the ground running and spend up culture integration.
  • It helps in leveraging technology to augment learning, do more with less and achieve desired business outcomes.

Our private sessions in relation to “learning and development services” are fully customized to fit your personal or entity’s need. Each course offered is built from a core curriculum, then personalized to match your entity’s culture, goals, focus and style.

Our Learning and Development framework is illustrated below:

Learning and Development Framework

In relation to Learning and Development services, Bulls Capital Limited  has carried out Learning and development training in so many industries and some of the training are:-

  • Supervisory skills development program
  • Field Force development program
  • Marketing/Sales Attendant Transformation program
  • Technology force development program
  • Leadership development program
  • Team building exercise
  • Supervisory skills development program
  • Technology training program for Marketing staff

Why Bulls Capital Limited?

  • We help your entity uphold continuous learning at all levels of the organization
  • We create learning portals and academies for your entity
  • We will build foundational knowledge and skills in safety, sustainability and operations
  • We will build the framework which will ensure the success and sustainable capability development of your entity.
  • We will integrate developments plans into your entity’s curriculum and so on.
  • We help individuals improve their performance by developing their leadership capability and personal skills.
  • We can help you undertake diagnostic investigations and identify what cause issues in terms of business processes, procedures, people, culture or values.
  • We can as well undertake performance gap analysis, which is identifying where work outcomes or practices are not reaching expectations and what the missing factors area

As a Learning and Development services provider, we need to unlearn and relearn in the Learning and development space. The starting point was to build our L & D capability and to shift the paradigm to where our organization become a trusted advisor and consultant. Therefore, we need to focus on driving and building Learning and Development skills. Focusing on Ideation, digital disruption and building consulting skills.

Lastly, the shift within the environment has been phenomenal, practitioners have now activate learning and as consulting firm, we have constructed all our job descriptions and we are now partners, consultants, coordinators, activators of Learning and Development curriculum in so many organization in Nigeria and we are very clear on what each of these roles mean in Learning and Development Services.