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A team is a motivated group of people with various importantance and ideal, which combine them energy, skills and knowledge to get work done in an organization. For your organization to experience standard change and growth, there must be a team leader that will give motivation for the fast growth and standard of the organization. Organization leader must work hands-on with their team, to understand each worker original strength and engagement strategy to keep every workers motivated. As an organization leader, there are lots of stages you will take to move your team to the best work and then drive your business to new height. Here are nine ways in which you can keep the member of your team motivated and give their best on the work:

Courageous collaboration within the team: you have to appreciate your worker input despite they feel no appreciation. Give courage to the member of your team so they can fully participate and invite their input and suggestion on how things will be better. Ask them question, listen to their respond, and if there is problem, you give solution.

Avoid useless meeting: during meeting time, you don’t have to spend much time deliberating on one issues that will not be productive. Is good you schedule your meeting and inform the team member in advance. Then invite the team member that supposed to be present, start it on time, and then finish the meeting as fast as you can.

Set clear goal: as a leader of a team it your responsibility to set a clear goal for team or worker in order to avoid complain by your worker. When you do that, you make sure every member of the team will know exactly what the goal are meant, role in reaching them and their relative priority.

Don’t micromanage your team: team worker doesn’t like such leader who is fun of monitoring and always a decision taker on them. Most of the worker prefer unpleasant activities than seeing their boss siting close and then micromanage their activities.

Pay your team what they are what: when you are placing your worker on salary, make sure you pay exactly what other organization in your industry and cosmopolitan area are paying consistent. Because doing this will not make you to lose great worker as a result of your understanding with them.

Provide them with conducive environment to work: provide your worker a pleasant place of work. Every worker will love to work in a conducive environment that is clean and will not cause them harm. Because making your office conducive doesn’t mean you will spend a lot of money.

Encourage happiness: giving your worker courage, you are creating happiness and positive mindset in them, and their behavior will speak well. The will be happy doing their job, their employer and you as their leader.

Don’t punish failure: you don’t have to punish your workers whenever failure occur while doing a work. Because as a human being, you are bound to make a mistake. From the mistake, your worker will learn. So whenever your worker make a mistake you don’t have to punish, instead, you correct them.

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