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Company registration services is a process of registering an organization in the jurisdiction in which they operate under. For you to run a company in Nigeria; you must register the company under the appropriate authorities so that your company can be recognized. Licensing is needed for all business activities.

Bulls Capital Limited is one of the most reliable comprehensive company registration agencies in Nigeria. With over twelve years of providing support to more than 500 business projects; and a combined wealth of specialist experience of more than 25 years’ experience from different disciplines  like Accounting and tax, real estate, entrepreneurship, commercial and agency law etc. we are one-stop firm for pre-incorporation, incorporation and post-incorporation matters.

Bulls Capital Limited as a Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Accredited Agents and No. 1 Business in support services in Nigeria, we carried out genuine and prompt business or company registration services in Nigeria. We assist persons and organizations in registering sincere company/business (www.bullscapitalltd.com) in Nigeria. Our company will also advice and guide you on other genuine regulation documents that you may need to operate your business effectively without have issues with both Federal, States and Local host communities.

Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) is the government body authorized to approve all company registrations in Nigeria. Bulls Capital Limited as a registered CAC Agent always abide by strict processing guidelines lay down by CAC in order to provide incomparable company formation services to each and every one of our valued customers.

Bulls Capital Limited will also support you till you gain ground in your company registration intention. Wherever you are located is not an issue with us; irrespective of your location, our firm can work with you on your incorporation needs and deliver it on time. Even, if you are a foreigner or a Nigerian staying in Nigeria or outside Nigeria, we will work with you.

As someone intending to register a company, you needs to know the difference categories of Companies/Business registration in Nigeria and they are:-

  • Public Limited Company (Plc.)
  • Private Limited Company (Ltd)
  • Incorporated Trustees (Inc.)
  • Company Limited by Guarantee
  • Unlimited Liability Company (Unlimited)

You can only apply for government grants, startup investment, business loads and so on, only and only if your company is registered.

 Having mentioned the five types of companies available for registration in Nigeria, it is very pertinent to categorically say that, among all the types of companies mentioned above, its only private limited liability companies that are most widely used form of business enterprise in Nigeria. Meanwhile, private limited liability company has several advantages which include but not limited to perpetual succession, limited liability and separate legal entity. All in all, it is the only form of company that can easily and be speedily registered in Nigeria.

However, there is another type of private company that can be registered known as the public limited liability (PLC), the high threshold statutory requirements attached to its establishment make it unpleasant for individuals starting a new venture. Additionally, public limited liability companies are also subjected to different external laws outside the CAMA for it to function. For instance, every PLC must conform to the provisions and the requirements of the Investment and Securities Act (ISA) and other SEC Rules and codes of corporate governance.

Furthermore, one of the reasons a company limited by guarantee might not be appropriate or proper for a business venture is the fact that a company limited by guarantee may not be set up except with the approval of the Attorney General of the Federation. Although a company limited by guarantee may also be used for profit, it is rarely used as profit-oriented in Nigeria, but rather for a special purpose such as corporate social responsibility or charity. However, Incorporated Trustees can be used or more suitable for the purpose.

The other type of companies, which is an unlimited liability company may only be recommended to be used to a parent company desiring to have such a subsidiary with unlimited risk. It is not in any way suitable for individuals who seek to start up a venture, as the major benefit of incorporating a company, which is the ability to limit one’s liability or risk does not feature in the unlimited company.

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In relation to Company registration in Nigeria, there are some issues or laws you must be aware of and they are:-

  • Registering a Nigeria Limited liability company is liable to pay a VAT rate of 5% on goods
  • Both resident and non-resident corporations are subjected to corporate tax 30% on net
  • Foreign entrepreneurs interested in Nigeria company registration can fully own a limited liabilities company
  • Under the Nigeria tax law, companies are liable to pay withholding tax on the following types of service fees. The rate of withholding is 10% of gross payment.
  • Foreign corporations can also create wholly foreign owned presence in Nigeria by registering a limited liability company as a subsidiary.

It is well known that the law guiding the company formation and registration is the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) Laws of the Federation of Nigeria (2004) as amended. This act guides in the formation of any types of companies in Nigeria and other additional matters.  You also note that, company registration in Nigeria is central and a company can only be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) only.

For a company to be registered, some requirements has to be met and they are:-

  • The Proposed Company Names and Registered Address
  • The Directors and Secretary Details
  • Share Capital and Shareholder Details
  • Identification Documents of Directors & Shareholders
  • Proficiency Certificates (where applicable)
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association

In Bulls Capital Limited, our team will assist you in saving time and important financial resource, we will as well help you in reducing possible risks that might occur if the local dealings and deadlines are not followed appropriately.

No Serious government department, financial institution or government department would fund your business if it is not a registered entity.

The Process of Company Registration in Nigeria

The Process of company registration in Nigeria are as follows:

Any person intending to register a company is advised to speak to a consultant, especially a business consultant. Although CAC has made good efforts through online registration to ensure individuals are able to register companies online themselves, however, the services of accredited agents or lawyers are still requested for attestation of the incorporation documents. The following information must be supplied to proceed with company registration in Nigeria:-

  • Name of the proposed company (two names are to be submitted by the applicant) that is, the proposed name of the company and an alternative name)
  • Objects of the proposed company (summary of the work or business the company intend to engage in).
  • Names, addresses and email of the shareholders (Note, the shareholders can also be the directors
  • The sharing formula or ratio of the company shares among the shareholders.
  • Names, addresses and email of the first directors of the company (the same shareholders are qualified to also be directors).
  • Copies of the means of identification of the shareholders and directors, such as driver license, international passports etc.

Meanwhile, the availability check and reservation of the name of the proposed company must be conducted with the Nigerian company’s registration agency, Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Our firm will prepare the necessary incorporation documents and completes the incorporation forms obtained from the CAC. The incorporation documents include:-

  • Duly verified particulars of the director and statement of share capital known as CAC Form 2
  • Duly stamped Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • The individual completes all the incorporation documents with the input of our firm (been a registered company registration entity with CAC) to duly attest to the        incorporation documents.
  • The payment of the approved fees will now be duly made online and the incorporation documents immediately stamped online.
  • The stamped incorporation documents will now be duly uploaded into the CAC online portal again for the final review of the commission.

You can open bank accounts, apply for serious contracts and have a good business deals with both local and foreign entities, when your business has a proper identity.

Consequently, if all the incorporation documents are well completed and executed, the commission will incorporate the company and issue an incorporation number immediately online. Certificate of Incorporation and the Certified True Copies of the other documents will be issued by CAC and received by the consultant usually in less than 48 hours after the company is duly incorporated by CAC.

Cost of Company Registration in Nigeria

The cost of company registration in Nigeria depends on the number of the share capital of the proposed company to be registered. The higher the share capital of a company, the higher the filing fee and stamp duty payable to the government.

Our Company registration and formation services includes:-

  • Registration of any required Special business license
  • Preparation of Articles of Incorporation and any other legal documents required for
  • Preparation and filing of registration application to competent Trade registry
  • Consultancy on local formal incorporation and type of entity
  • Information on any legal compliance changes related to the company
  • Representation in front of the local authorities
  • Registration at Fiscal Authorities – for VAT, CIT and Intra-Community Operators Registry (RIO)
  • Allotting of Shares
  • Issuing Share Certificate(s)
  • Obtaining the Incorporation Certificate.

Whatever your desires are in Nigeria, Bulls Capital Limited have the right personnel’s, technology, and most importantly the urge and commitment to see you succeed in Nigeria.

 The importance of company registration cannot be handle with leniency. It is very significant that your business be a legal entity, in order to enjoy the maximum operational business benefits, protect yourself to some extent and getting funding. You should also know that, you cannot reach your full business potential without becoming fully official. This implies that, it will be hard for serious minded people to give your business serious attention if you are trading under your personal name.

Currently, company registration is important for creating a brand name, due to the fact that it is very important for any company to obtain brand name. Having a brand name is a valuable assets of any business; so before getting a brand name you have to register your busiess.

You need to also know that, if you don’t obtain a business license; it is possible that the city/state/country could penalize you, force you to pay back taxes or even shut down you’re the business.

Reasons why you must deal with Bulls Capital Limited for your company registration services:

  • We ensure fast tracking your company name search results
  • We ensure fast and easy online company registration
  • We provide 24/7 online access and support
  • We provide premium service at Bargain Price
  • We provide post incorporation support services.

Finally, our firm know that, the first challenge of new business is Incorporation Process; hence we come to your aid with a set of full services intended to certify your company’s full operation.  Meanwhile, the entire process of company registration in Nigeria with CAC can be completed within 48 hours if all the necessary incorporation documents have been put in place.

Bulls Capital Limited is a technology driven provider of business formation and company registration services and management solutions. Our firm provides solutions that aids doing business in Nigeria easy by providing fast, accurate and reliable service to our clients from across the globe. Our consultants can as well assist you to register your domain name online at the same time, this would ensure that your company name is protected and also provide email and web services to get the business existing for a long time.

We offer trailed company registration services, enabling our clients to launch out fast and to focus on their main business activities, as well as providing virtual office address and helping you set up bank account with our partner banks.

For your Company Registration Service in Nigeria, look no further today,

Get help on how we can help you with company registration service, buzz 08023200801, 08075765799, email: sales@bullscapitalltd.com. Alternatively, you may complete our request for proposal form hereunder.