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Retaining customer loyalty is the act in which an organization keep a customer for the purpose and priority of their need in an organization. For every organization that provide a products or services to his customers for their loyalty is as a result or good conduct of the customer. Organization show strong loyalty to customer by been available and willing to help them whenever there is a problem and that open way for them to meet the convenience needs of the customer. Organization should treat their customer with respect, give them the necessary clue and continuous demonstration that will improve the workforce of the customer towards them. Try to check in with the customer to make sure they have what they need to go about and make the business successful. Give them good product and services so they can provide their buyer with the services they expect. Here are the seven keys to achieve the level of customer retaining for you to take up your organization:

Know your customers better than they know themselves: customer have a strong natural tendency to be easily known and understand. When they notice you are meeting they need, they will prefer your organization than where they will simply meet another client. You should know that customer service rating make them to feel they are being ignore. This strategy should give a clue on how to improve your organization but take some time to create real relationship with the customers.

Implement feedback system: you don’t have to ignore customer or rush them. The only thing they needed is just for you to feel you are hearing them. Allow your customer to speak for themselves that will play critical role and create a positive customer experience. For your customer to have your feedback that will help you to know how they feel about your business, products and services. Your customer can easily give insight that will keep them coming back and support your business.

Reducing attrition: most of the business loss customers, is only few that notice that their customers is not active. They invest enormously amount of time, effort and expenses in building the formal relationship with their customer. And they let that relationship to go inactive, to some extend lose interest the moment the sale have made or it go bad, they will abandon everything. In this case you have to spend another small lucky to replace the customer. Because the easiest way to grow your business is by keeping your customers.

Sell and then sell again: many business have an excellence job of making sale but at one point it drop down and ignore their customer. At initial purchase you have to take decision because everyone is susceptible to buyer remorse. And to open this sale, the referral and the repeat business have to flow from it and strike while your customer fear and demonstrate by your action you really care. You have to thank them and remind them for making the right decision to deal with you.

Bring back your loss customer: the only way to regenerate your loss customers is by reactivate them and approach them in a right way, and that will make your revenue quickest and fast. In doing this, you have to recon tact and remind them of your existence finding out why they are no longer buying your products. This will overcome the customer’s objection and demonstrate that you still value and respect them.

Frequent communication: building good relationship and keeping in touch with your customer is for you to keep constant communication. This can be done by sequence of letters, organizing event and phone calls. As this occur steady, they sales and post sales process. This acknowledge them, keep them inform and reinforce the purpose of why there are doing the business with you. This make them feel the part of your business and make them to return to you.

Courtesy system: this system of business which improve the interpersonal skill of your customer and then change the morale of your business. This will help your customer to feel worthwhile, important and make for pleasant social contact at work. It also motivate your customer to provide extraordinary service and encourage them to be consistence.

In conclusion, if you can make your customers feel important and spend time in building relationship with them, you will have high retaining rates over an extend amount of time. When you like your customers and your customer like you in return it mean that, they will likely recommend your business to their friends.