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Startup consulting services deals with assisting new businesses that are just coming on board. Giving them expert advice which can significantly enhance the chances of their success. This services also give aids to entrepreneurs and partners in new business.

A startup consultant always has both the expertise and experience to advise business men and women as well as entrepreneur on what to do and how to execute their plan into action, as well as helping them in saving money and time. Therefore, in Bulls Capital Limited, we perform the role of a Startup consultant to our various clients.

Bulls Capital Limited has provides startup consulting services for so many business in Lagos and other parts of the Country. Even, foreign companies that want to start their business in Nigeria has worked with us and they never regret working with us. We applied our years of experience in startup consulting to uplift their business from the scratch to a higher level and they are able to compete well in their various industries. More so, leading and launching a startup business successfully required a unique leadership style, and to regularly dabble between two valuable resources, time and money, where every decision creates a line of dynamics which might put your business in the right track or swipe you away and force you to change course later on.

In Bulls Capital Limited, our startup consulting services lay emphasis on practical, cost effective solutions which will actually work well for your entity. We have a great idea of what newly business owners faced, ranging from lot of ideas, tight budgets, limited resources and huge potential. Typically, startup business tends to hire consultants for three major reasons and other various reasons but these three reasons used to come to the fore-front and they are:-

  • Business Planning
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Business Coaching

All the aforementioned components can be carried out by Bulls Capital Limited as part of our startup consulting services and lot more.

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You have an idea for a business, product or service and you’re finding it difficult to bring it to a reality? Don’t feel bad about it, request for a service of a startup consultant today via www.bullscapitalltd.com

We give one on one expert proposition and consultancy to entrepreneurs, assess or walk them through shaping a business plan by appraising their mission, helping them conduct market analysis, financial forecast, competition benchmarking, operational plans, product roadmap, services, management and advising them on what are the best marketing and sales routes for you. We as well, developed individualized solutions for startups and high paced organizations and use a lean process to ensure results quicker with less cost. You need to also know that, our startup policy is data-driven, analytical and focused on results.

New business tends to face challenges in the beginning; however, employing the services of a startup consultant to render startup consulting services will help them in easing the starting of the business.

Starting a business will probably be tasking, there are so many unforeseen factors that comes into play and an entrepreneur needs to put this into consideration. Therefore, Bulls Capital Limited provides advice which can meaningfully reduce their budget requirements, which will be possible due to cost that will be avoid during the consulting services. Moreover, the task to start business will also be accomplished easily and successfully with our aids.

When commencing a business, most entrepreneurs lack the idea of what and what the business they want to go into entails; but employing the service of a startup consultant, will help so much, because we have vast knowledge of any form of business our client want to do, due to so many years of experience.

Bulls Capital Limited, as a startup consultant assists our client with a wide area and quick approach in formulating their plan and starting their business process. We have vast experience in starting organizations and dealing with the beginning stages of a business. Our clients will receive help with various task and difficulties from the hand of experienced consultant.

In Bulls Capital Limited, we are group of professionals and coaches working with young startups in order to give them the requisite support that will spur up their business for visibility and profitability.

When you are thinking of starting your own business; there are a various level of responsibilities you will have to put into consideration, as well as giving up so many things you normally do before. Whereas, most of these forgone alternative can paralyze as well as cause inactivity, which may hinder you in moving forward in your plan to set up a  new business. That is why you need the service of Startup Consultant like Bulls Capital Limited, in helping you to take necessary early steps in your business and there won’t be the need to do away with the activity you are into before.

Moreover, it is always advisable to make use of professional business advice and support for an easy starting of your business. In Bulls Capital Limited, we work directly with each of our clients and help them to identify the most perilous measures while providing tenacities for them, which will make them execute the business properly.

Starting a business is the beginning of an unconceivable journey; it involves planning and hard work and it can be so challenging. It takes a lot of perseverance and its takes times as well.

Why Startup Consulting Services?

There are so many reasons why a new business needs startup consulting services and few of them are:-

  • In order to get Management advice which will help them in moving to their next stage in business
  • In order to get unbiased feedback in their business
  • They need startup consulting services in order to get expertise knowledge which may be beyond their own idea.
  • In order to create a road map for their business
  • Startup consulting services expose your new business to genuine and functional market

In relation to business structure development, we expose our clients to various favorable rules existing for startup businesses; which they might not be exposed to before. We will key them into this opportunity. For instance, in a situation where there is a tax exemption existing for their type of business, we will let them know and make sure we structure their business to fit into the exemption. If there is any documents, they need to collect from government, we will advise them to collect it.

In Bulls Capital Limited , we also helps our clients to target and reach out to their planned or desire audiences while scaling up based on their goals to keep them existing for a long period of time. We put our expertise in project management, process development, marketing, technical writing and website development as well as quality systems, which will all work for you in making your new business have a solid start.

Bulls Capital Limited has built up know-how through more than 20 years of experience and knowledge acquisition in various entrepreneurial and startups associated areas; we are specialized in business planning, market strategy, project management, financial planning, product strategy, strategic planning, design strategy and management.

There are so many benefits attached to employing the service of a Startup Consultant and some of them are:-

  • It help new business in having access to some certain skills for specific tasks fast and reliable
  • It helps new businesses in making good decisions room the onset and avoiding costly mistakes and difficulties.
  • It helps startup business in assuming game and learning curves, put in motion with experiences from the start and so on.

Any new business that work with a startup consultant; gain faster expertise in their business and this give them advantage in getting to the next level of their business quicker. Employing the labour of a startup consultant allow them to focus on other important components of the newly formed business. We guide our client’s throughout the startup process which will enable them to focus on their long-term business goals and visions.

Meanwhile, consultant main aim when working with startups is to aids help in better understanding all the early stage aspects of their business. Due to the fact that, the owner of the business will be work directly with and this will give him or her the opportunity to know what the business is made up of.  Also, through business startup consulting services, we will research and implement business solutions, strategic relationships, marketing strategies which will take the client’s business to the next phase.

If you are thinking of starting a new business, consult an expert in startup consulting services; it will save you a lot of stress and give you clue of what and what your business entails.

Bulls Capital Limited, as a business startup consultant, we know how to get to the next stage and what should be done to move the business of our clients to their desired level. Most times, we will decided to let the new venture structure comes in a way that will enhance and foster the growth of the business.  We take the business through the right channel, which ranges from registration, compliance, application for particular certificates or belonging to certain group that will help their business grow.

We will support you in your in-house efforts, we will you give access to talent that most startup and small business don’t expose to staff. We will ensure that your brand is different from any other type in the industry. This implies that, we will give your business professional outlook which will make your business stand out from its competitors.

In Bulls Capital Limited, we help you craft a compelling value proposition being one of the most important steps in developing your product and services

In Conclusion, when commencing a business, there are so many tasks that need to carry out; for instance, the structure, the brand, the marketing strategy, and so on. Literally, all this can be so bothering to the owner of the business; but they need not worry about this, once they employ the service of Startup consultant. BULLS CAPITAL LIMITED, as a startup consultant understands the pros and cons of your business and we will apply our knowledge in ensuring that your business is put in the right track. Meanwhile, if your in-house talent needs assistance, we can as well fill the gap and assist your business as a consultant to your in-house talent for a specific period of time.

Do you want us to help you in your business startup activities? please contact us on 08023200801, 08075765799, email: sales@bullscapitalltd.com. Alternatively, you may complete our request for proposal form hereunder.