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Win and lose of customer is a way to understand why some particular sales process will go through and other process will fail. When you understand how to win and lose your customer, it will help you to improve your future deal in the business and then help in arranging the task in difference ways; such as organizing marketing and sales business. Various entrepreneurial do say that, win and lose of customer will not be allow in their business but the best is to consider that, the only remedy is to celebrate either they win or distress concerning the loss. Here are the five principles to get you started:

Decide if you want them back: Is not all your customers who are perfect. For instance when you lose a customer that is very difficult to work with, it mean the customer is not a good customer to continue with. In this case what you should do is to make sure you leave the customer with happiness so that, you will be acknowledge or they will continue to refer you.

Find out exactly why they left: when you need your customer to return, first of all you have to know the reasons why the customer stop patronizing you.  If the reason is concerning the price then you will know there is problem between what you are offering and the value of what the customer is thinking. No matter what will be the reasons try and ask one or two investigation questions to know appropriate thing to do that will improve the needed offer. Possibly, the customer may not come back but you will have some detail of other customer to save who is thinking of leaving you.

Stay relevant: your business should always looking forward to create it products and services to ensure your customer that you are render solution to a problem. This win and lose provide some customer insights into what there are looking for, any problem they have with present marketplace remedies, will as well support the customer and their products.

Gain insight about your own organization: you should not think any other thing than seeking for the prospect of your customer view. You need to know how your business and your workers are thinking in area of marketing such as your reputation, products and services. Having this information you will be able to differentiate the perception of your customer desire. This is the only way you can make the necessary adjustment to ensure that you are thinking the way you intend.

Gain competitive insight: your customer and your vision should be the knowledge and how you stand in your business. Gain competitive insight will make you to stack up against your customer for any reason. Asking for this reason can be very insightful and this will allow you to put your effort around and adjust your message as well as refining your business strategy, which help you compete more successful with your customer to consider.

In summary, conducting how to win and lose your customer regardless of either you win in your business or not. But consistent implement this process will make your solution and your business more important, and build more credible in the eyes of your customers and vision.

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